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Once again brought to you by Butler Amusements, the carnival is slated to be bigger and better than ever with crowd favorites, Vertigo and White Water Flume, returning again this year!

Check out videos of some of the major rides coming to this year's fair!


NEW FOR 2016


inversionThe Inversion features a tripod of passenger seats which can hold a total of 12 passengers. The main arm of the ride swings side to side like a pendulum then swings to invert passengers completely around and upside down. The inversion can reach a height of nearly 80 feet.






quasarThis fast paced thrill ride holds two passengers per car. Secured by a lap bar the ride spins and the main arm raises the center of the wheel creating a unique undulating sensation for each of the cars.







orbiterThe Orbiter is an exciting teen ride which features 4 twirling arms holding three spinning seats each. This Italian made ride twirls riders around until their seats are perpendicular with the ground below, quite the sight day and night.






Featured Carnival Ride Videos



White Water Log Flume





Turbo Force



For the protection of all patrons and their personal property, Western Idaho Fair and Butler Amusement require all patrons abide by the posted policy signs within the carnival area regarding cell phone possession and use.

All rides have height requirements that are set by the ride manufacturer. Some rides also have a size limit, so please check the ride before purchasing tickets. No casts, pregnant persons, nor intoxicated individuals are allowed on rides. Children under 36 inches cannot ride any carnival rides and children that measure between 36-46 inches can only ride a few select rides. All rides require ride tickets or a ride wristband. It is not the policy of Butler Amusements, Inc. to give refunds, however, these advance sale credentials can be redeemed as long as Butler Amusements provides the carnival for the event.

View Carnival Ride Descriptions and Height Requirements.