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Inside Our Youth Events

Young people participating in 4-H and FFA work year-round on their projects to prepare for Western Idaho Fair exhibitions. And if you’re looking for a fantastic educational experience for your family, we encourage you to spend some time visiting these shows and exhibits.

What is a Livestock Show?


For over 200 years, American society has been dependent on strong, quality animals to feed families. And before modern transportation and communication, the best way to improve livestock quality was by exhibition. Farmers brought their top cattle, sheep, and hogs to town to be judged, bred, and sold among their peers, creating our first agricultural fairs.

Farm economics have tightened severely, and there are far fewer ranchers and farmers in business today. Taking their place in our region’s exhibitor lineup are a whole new generation of young future farmers participating in 4-H and FFA.

What is 4-H?


4-H is an extracurricular program that teaches young people everything from leadership skills to public speaking through hands-on learning projects. Projects range in subject area widely, and include everything from civics and robotics to livestock and small animals. In addition to gaining knowledge about each subject, each 4-H student participant learns life-long lessons about fair play, honor, and commitment.

The Western Idaho Fair displays the project work of 4-H members at Center Expo throughout the Fair, and 4-H participants show and compete with their animals all week. For more 4-H information, check out Idaho 4-H or the National 4-H program.

What is FFA?


Future Farmers of America (FFA) is a middle and high-school-based youth organization that helps prepare young people for more than 300 career opportunities in agriculture. Like 4-H, FFA engenders leadership and respect in its members, preparing them for future success. The National FFA Convention is the world's largest youth convention. For more information on FFA membership or structure, visit the National FFA website.